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Zero Energy Homes

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Production Planned for 2024

First Home Design by BrightBuilt Home


We are a worker-owned cooperative that builds affordable, net zero energy homes using state-of-the-art, modular construction and 80-90% Maine materials.

Sustainably Built

Zero Energy Homes will be sustainably built with 80-90% Maine forest products.

Employee Owned Cooperative

Zero Energy Homes will be democratically owned and operated as an employee-owned cooperative.  Check out to learn about cooperatives and how they are changing the world for good. One in three Americans is a member of a coop! 

Our Design

A net zero energy home produces more electricity than it uses. Net zero energy is achieved by a tight thermal envelope, efficient heat and other mechanical systems, and generating solar energy with an onsite array or through a share in a community solar farm. Residents enjoy low or no utility bills all year long.  

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